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X-Ray Taking in Children

Radiographs arev a useful diagnostic tool in aiding proper diagnosis and treatment for children. Efficiency is a necessity in taking radiographs. This is to avoid over exposure to radiation and taking the least amount of time possible to give our young patients a very positive dental experience.

Correct information about radiographic techniques, positions and angulations are things that we need to know for efficient radiograph taking. Proper behavior management is also necessary in gaining patient cooperation throughout the whole process.

Documenting Clinical Cases

Diagnosis in dentistry is an essential tool in formulating the treatment plan for our patients. The accuracy of the records we have taken becomes the foundation for deciding the best treatment plan possible. However in the modern day dentistry, treatment sometimes becomes the main focus when we encounter patients, eclipsing the importance of comprehensive diagnosis and planning.

Every diagnostic tool is essential from casts, radiographs, photographs and history taking. Among these, diagnostic photography and history taking is commonly passed by due to the tediosity of the procedure and the format of patients’ records readily available. Thereby, equipping oneself with the importance and additional knowledge of the techniques involved in diagnostic photography and history taking, will help reinforce, not only the practice, but also the decision making for an educated treatment plan.

Documenting Clinical Cases by Paolo Mark B. Manzano, DMD, MScD

Digital Imaging

Computerized scanning technology has been in use for over 30 years. Originally , it was called Computerized Axial Tomography or CAT. Hospital based CAT scanners were radiation intensive, supine gantry style units which require large suites in radiology centers. The computer itself would take the space of an entire room. Except for the occasional trauma or involved pathology patient, dentists really did not utilize CAT scan technology.

Today with advances in miniaturization and computer software and a revolution in imaging, CAT scan technology has moved from the hospital to the private dental office.

Dentists nowadays need to become familiar with terms such as scan height, slice thickness and scan diameter. Many important concepts unique to CBCT are: radiatiopn dosage, volume averaging, voxel size, attenuation, Hounsfield units, orthogonal reconstructions, surface rendering, multiplaner reconstructions, axial corrected temporomandibular joint sagittal and coronal tomography, DICOM format, 3-DVR, stereolithographics and data portability.

Dental Radiography for Dental Implants

Radiography of the mouth and associated structures in dental implant placement can intially be frustrating. However, once the radiograph techniques are mastered, it is possible to produce high quality diagnostic dental radiographs consistently. Dental radiography is consistently under utilized in dental pratice; one aspect is in dental implant placement.
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Modern Dental Imaging

Diagnosis in dentistry has always rely on clinical examination and dental radiographs. New development in modern digital x rays, significantly improved the quality of image that are recorded but still the details are incomplete. Now the digital diagnostic x ray are moving into the 3rd dimension, where the missing dimension is now visible.

3D Cone Beam Technology is adding new diagnostic possibilities and creating greater potential in the practice of dentistry. Worldwide growing demand are coming in from dental imaplnts, peridontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, TMJ specialists and endodontics. The challenge is, why use 2D when the world is 3D.

Radiographic Diagnosis of Cancer

Cancer is one of the most dreaded disease experienced by men. It is one of the major health problems worldwide. Cancer is characterized by uncontrollable invasive growth of abnormal cells which have the tendency to spread through lymph nodes. Prognosis of cancer depends on the location, size and clinical staging of the lesion.
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Pediatric Radiology

Radiograph is a useful diagnostic aid in oral examination of children and should be done efficiently for them to remember it as a pleasant experience. The goals in pediatric radiology are: to expose the patient to minimal amount of radiation, take radiograph in the shortest time possible and come up with an appropriate examination of the teeth and supporting structures. Read more


An Orthopantomogram, also known as OPG is a two-dimensional panoramic scanning dental x ray of the upper and lower jaws and its surrounding structures. It is the primary diagnostic imaging tool used by dentists to provide information on the maxillary and mandibular structures prior to any dental procedure. Its use encompasses all specialties in dentistry, from surgery to restorative dentistry. Its use can’t be utilized unless the dentist fully understand what can be seen in dental radiograph.

Because it is only two-dimensional representation of the three-dimensional structures of oral and maxillofacial region, superimpositions of the hard and soft tissues are common. The clinician must overcome this before he/she can ascertain whether a structure is pathologic or not.

PaX Flex3D

With VATECH’s new innovative Ultra HD technology, PaX Flex3D offers users more enhanced features and advantages. With its unique 5.2lp/mm compared with the 2.5lp/mm guildeline of DIN for panoramic image, clearly PaX-Flex3D provides more superior and higher quality image.

Ultra HD Panoramic image offers the exact image of caries without any distortion, especially in the lower area of enamel. Furthermore, dentists can precisely check the actual volume of pulp without Magnification from the panoramic image. Also, after the implant surgery, the commissure of the fixture can be seen clearly as well as the trabecular bone & lamina dura. Finally it is also possible to check the condition of alveolar bone.

For dentists who are expanding their scope in dentistry, VATECH offers state of the art technology & flexibility, like easy upgrade from Pano to CT(3 in1), ct viewer and orthodontic analysis software as well as CT viewing Software. Intra-oral sensors are also offered depending on patients requirements.

PaX Flex3D CBCT & Panoramic

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