Extraoral X-Ray Film

Extraoral x-ray film or screen film is used for extraoral projections like lateral oblique jaw, panoramic, cephalometric, Waters’ Sinus, posteroanterior, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) transcranial and others. It is designed to be more sensitive to visible light.

Extraoral film is used in combination with intensifying screen. X-ray is absorbed in intensifying screen. Phosphors layer emits visible light which exposes the x-ray film.

Screen film’s emulsion has dyes which increases the absorption of the wavelength of light emitted by the phosphors.

    • dr badi amer
    • Oct 5th. 2012 4:17am

    looking for refurbished panoramic and sephalometric x ray machine

    • dr badi amer
    • Oct 5th. 2012 4:19am

    looking for digital panoramic and cephalometric xray machine

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