Orthopantomograph OP200 D

OP200 D has a patented method for dose-controlled Automatic Exposure Control. The system measures patient bone thickness from the ramus and defines individual exposure values for patients with different sizes. This also enables individual Automatic Spine Compensation values to reduce spinal shadow in the image for each patient.

Orthopantomograph OP200 D

Orthopantomograph OP200 D

Partial programs – Decrease of dose

When a full panoramic image is not required, 1 to 5 segments of the horizontal image can be selected to expose only regions of diagnostic interest.

V-shaped beam

The patented V-shaped X-ray beam adapts to the human anatomy, providing even greater detail and a wider mandibular image layer. The V-shaped X-ray beam also allows for more penetrating power for the thicker maxilla area.

Orthoceph® OC200 D

In order to produce equal and accurate horizontal and vertical magnification, the OC200 D uses a patented method of synchronized tube head horizontal sweep and sensor movements while keeping the focal spot in the same position.

For more details about Orthopantomograph OP200 D, please visit Instrumentarium website at www.instrumentariumdental.com

    • Donna Ogulnick
    • Jul 11th. 2011 8:22pm


    A patient of our was asking what the level of exposure is from a panoramic xray on this machine that we have in our office?

    She just found out she’s pregnant so had some concerns.

    Thank you
    Donna O
    Treatment Coordinator

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