Orthopantomograph OP30

Orthopantomograph OP30 – standard panoramic imaging system. A standard X-ray unit does not mean standard design. The Orthopantomograph® OP30 combines distinctive design and reliable quality with professional tools for standard panoramic imaging needs.

Orthopantomograph OP30

Orthopantomograph OP30

The quality of images is a result of many elements, such as carefully designed features, sufficient technical characteristics and correct patient positioning. The Orthopantomograph® OP30 combines all these for your benefit and provides you with a perfect image – every single time.


1. Stable 5- point patient positioning.
2. Patented V-shaped beam.
3. Optimized panoramic image geometry.
3 laser positioning lights.
4. Adjustable anterior layer position – fi ts every patient.
5. Reliable tube head.
6. Easy to operate – just 2 selections to make a standard panoramic image in just 10 seconds:
-Choose imaging program
-Use the pre-set kV values or adjust if needed
7. Simple and user- friendly control panel.
8. Compact design.
9. Versatile installation possibilities.
10. Easy wheelchair accessibility.

For more details about Orthopantomograph OP30, please visit Instrumentarium website at www.instrumentariumdental.com

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