PaX-500ECT CBCT and Panoramic

PaX-500ECT Cone-Beam Computed Tomography and Panoramic machine is optimized for implantologists.


1. Eliminates blurred image of the incisor
– ALC (Adaptive Layer Control) technology
2. Acquires stable high-quality image under any condition
– AOP (Automatic Optimizing Process) technology
3. Captures more clear image for critical usage
– Special scanning mode for incisor, mandibular canal and maxillary molar.
4. One Shot Mode Exposure time is 0.9sec
5. Eliminates motion artifacts in cephalometric image
6. It requires only 8 seconds to scan the target
– ECT VIEWER acquires 18 frames per second. The scan time is extremely short, but the data is sufficient. It is easy to use the system, because the scanning procedure is the same as that of a panoramic scan.
7. Image reconstruction identical to a dental CT
– PaX-500 ECT uses image reconstruction algorithm identical to a dental CT. An area sensor is adopted as the detector, which provides you with a 3D rendered image.

Pax-500ECT CBCT Panoramic

Pax-500ECT CBCT Panoramic

PaX-500 ECT Specifications

X-ray Beam Cone Beam
Data bit 16 bit
Slice Thickness(mm) 0.186 ~ 10 mm (default 1.5mm)
Scan Time (sec) 8 sec
Rotating Unit Scan Angle (Degree) 220 degrees
X-ray Angle (Exposing Angle) 185 degree
Number of View 146 Frames
Number of Slice Image 160 Slices
Patient Position Stand
Patient Alignment 1st : Align based on Standard Data of Focal Trough
2nd : Align with Scout View
FOV ( W X H ) 50 X 50 mm
Reconstruction Time 30 sec
Basic Display View Longitudinal / Cross Sectional
Reference Pano View Support
3D Image Default

For mor more info about PaX-500ECT, visit VATECH website @

    • Doctor DMD
    • Oct 6th. 2009 11:03am

    This x-ray machine looks good sir.

    • Cally
    • May 19th. 2010 2:20pm

    We are currently using the Pax-500 system and are looking for replacement ear post covers that are used with the Ceph part of the system. Please let me know where I can order them from. If you could mail them to me and bill the office that would be great. 507-388-2989 Let Me know. Cally

    120 East Main Street
    Mankato, MN 56001

    • dennis
    • Sep 30th. 2010 8:25pm

    Cally, we are interested buying this machine..
    How do you like it???
    Is it worth the money??

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