DIGORA® Toto is a portable intraoral sensor for dental radiography which can be unplugged from one computer and plug into another one. It produces superior image quality.

DIGORA® Toto sensors

DIGORA® Toto sensors

Easy to use

DIGORA® Toto is always ready for capturing images. Once exposed, the sensor instantly detects incoming radiation and captures the image. Two DIGORA® Toto sensors can be connected and active at the same time.

The sensor has a large active area and its housing is sleek. The lightweight system has a clip that helps keep the sensor stationary during imaging.

The sensor connects directly to the PC with a high-speed USB 2 connection found on any computer. A size 2 image is displayed in 4 seconds and a size 1 even quicker.

Repeatable image quality

DIGORA® Toto sensors provide excellent images with both AC and DC intraoral X-ray units. They automatically adjust the gray levels in images to bring out the right diagnostic information. For simplicity, you can even use the same exposure settings on your X-ray unit for all intraoral imaging purposes.

Cutting edge CMOS technology

DIGORA® Toto sensors employ the latest CMOS technology, having several benefi ts over traditional intraoral sensors. They have a very high signal-to-noise ratio and provide very clear images. The sensors have a very small pixel size and are able to depict the smallest clinical details. The CMOS chips have a wide dynamic range and produce consistent image quality.

DIGORA® Toto is developed and manufactured by SOREDEX®. For more info about this x-ray sensor, visit Soredex website at http://www.soredex.com

    • Elam Stauffer
    • Feb 22nd. 2011 2:21am

    I have been warned about the dangers of too much exposure to X-rays, and the danger is verified by the withdrawal of the dental personnel at the moment of X-ray activation. I’m wondering about this Digora Toto radiography system. Is there information available from an independent evaluator that can inform me of the relative danger of exposure to this, or how many exposures to allow my dentist to do at one sitting?

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