SIGMA M x-ray sensor

SIGMA™ M sensor brings a new generation in usability to digital intraoral imaging. With its innovative compact electronics and wireless image transmission, using the sensor is quick and easy thus the workflow efficiency is increased. Seamless integration with CliniView™ software allows SIGMA™ M to be used in multiple operatories. Wi-Fi (WLAN) technology lets one create a wireless network covering the entire practice.

Two sizes of sensors with a large active area provides the operator with the necessary means for all intraoral diagnostic procedures. The rounded corners of the sensors make the imaging easy and convenient. The variety in accurate and easy-to-use sensor holders reduces the number of retakes and allows successful images with all crucial information.

SIGMA™ M digital x-ray sensor unit

SIGMA™ M digital x-ray sensor unit

The innovative yet small sensor unit can be placed conveniently on the tube head of any intraoral x-ray unit with a unique magnet attachment. The potential of the cables getting twisted or lying on the fl oor in danger to be damaged, is eliminated with its ideal cable length. The practical design of the sensor unit with its optimal cable length makes intraoral imaging easier.

The new, sophisticated sensor design produces up to 20 lp/mm true resolution (26,3 lp/mm theoretical). Razor-sharp images can be produced, with the low noise typical of CMOS technology. This provides uncompromized diagnostic visibility and unsurpassed image quality. A wide dynamic range and an anti-blooming CMOS chip ensure successful images time after time.

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