RSV HD Memory

RSV-HD Memory is the first wireless digital x-ray unit with integrated memory and monitor to view image taken.

Special Features
1. Integrated SD memory card which contains up to 1, 000 radiographic images.
2. In memory mode, the name of the patient can be transfered to the device.
3. The charge of batteries is indicated by an icon on the integrated monitor.
4. X-ray image appears on integrated monitor in 5 seconds.
5. PC / memory / transfer mode are indicated in the monitor.
6. Capability to visualize images stored directly on the RSV HD Memory.

RSV HD Memory - New Digital Radiology

RSV HD Memory - New Digital Radiology

Install the RSV HD easily on the wall, a chair, or the x-ray unit arm using the wall-mount support and fixation strap.

For more details about RSV-HD Memory digital wireless x-ray unit, please visit Visiodent website at .

    • dr marco vargas pereyra
    • Sep 18th. 2009 5:07am

    estoy en çPerú como puedo adquirirlo? cuanto cuesta?
    Dr. Marco Vargas

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