GXCB-500 Cone Beam 3D Imaging System

GXCB-500 provides powerful, instantaneous diagnostic and treatment planning tools that surpass the capabilities of conventional 2-D imaging. Now, you can rely on distortion-free images to reveal critical anatomical details.

GXCB-500 Cone Beam 3D

GXCB-500 Cone Beam 3D

An Amorphous Silicon Flat Panel Sensor delivers accurate images at a scan time of only 8.9 seconds and yields full, 3-D reconstruction in less than 20 seconds. Remarkably fast image acquisition lets you start treatment planning right away.

This unique single sensor design also allows the GXCB-500 to serve your dental office in dual roles. Be impressed when team members effortlessly switch from Cone Beam 3-D to 2-D imaging. The GXCB-500 is transformed into a standard 2-D panoramic unit by simply checking a box in the software.


1. Rapid 8.9 second scan time
– Full 3-D reconstruction in less than 20 seconds
– Benefit from distortion-free images to reveal critical anatomical details
– Transition quickly from 3-D to 2-D panoramic with a mouse click — no need to switch sensors!
2. Targeted Treatments, Surgical Predictability
– 360 degree, 3-D Scans capture oral and maxillofacial features
– Standard “Jaw” Scan, 8 cm diameter x 8 cm height:Supports implant planning, endodontics, and surgeries
– Extended Diameter Scan, 14 cm diameter x 8 cm height:
– Assists with TMJ evaluation and airway analysis
3. Implementation As Easy As 1-2-3-D
– Comprehensive, on-site training conducted by a certified Gendex 3-D trainer
– i-CATVision™ software included and freely shared
– DICOM 3 compatible images easily exported to third-party applications

Gendex GXCB-500 Specifications

Focal Spot 0.5 mm
Voxel Sizes .4, .3, .25, .2, .125 mm
Type of Sensor Amorphous Silicon Flat Panel
Size of Panel 13 x 13 cm
Line Pairs 14 lp/cm on .2 voxel scan at the object
Grayscale (Bits) 14 bit
Shades of Gray 16384 shades of gray
Field of View 8 cm (d) x 8 cm (h) – Standard Mode
14 cm (d) x 8 cm (h) – EDS Mode
Collimation Down to 4 cm height
Scan Times 8.9 sec (.3 and .4 voxel, Standard/EDS Mode)
23 sec (.125, .2 and .25 voxel High Resolution Scans)
Reconstruction Times less than 20 sec – Standard Mode
less than 95 sec – EDS Mode
File Sizes less than 20 MB – Standard Mode
less than 76 MB – EDS Mode
Software Free i-CAT Vision™ viewing and sharing software included
Footprint 48” wide x 46” deep

For more more info about GXCB-500, visit Gendex website @ http://www.gendex.com/

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