ILUMA Cone Beam CT

ILUMA® Cone Beam CT Scanner provides all the necessary information to diagnose and treat patients with better resolution with the latest generation in Cone Beam Computed Tomography to produce advanced state-of-the-art images. Users have the accurate anatomic information to plan treatment procedures from multiple reconstructions of patient data.

Iluma Elite Cone Beam CT Scanner

Iluma Elite Cone Beam CT Scanner

• Orthodontic and Maxillofacial applications
• Patient/Study database
• Full Volume or Volume of Interest Rendering
• Ultra-thin CT slices (as high a resolution as 0.09mm)
• Panoramic and 2D radiographic images
• Offers up to 21.1cm x 14.2cm cylindrical (maximum) Volume of Reconstruction
• Amorphous Silicon Flat Panel Sensor Plates
• Treatment planning & simulation software: ILUMAVision
• MIP, Mini IP, Faded MIP, MPR, Ray Sum Rendering
• Cross-sectional viewing
• Powerful Segmentation tools
• Inner Vision
• 1:1 scale images
• Report Generator
• Measurment tools
• Export to DICOM 3 (Compatible with 3rd Party software and systems)
• PACS interface

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    • dr ali
    • Nov 27th. 2010 8:15am

    what is the cost? and how i can purchase it?

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