Picasso Trio

Picasso trio comes with a 3 in 1 system which offers all types of diagnostic images for the dental area. The FOV of Picasso trio covers the whole arch with just one scan. It offers all anatomical information like septum, cyst, etc in the sinus in cases like multi or full Mouth Implant surgery at once. To obtain ideal 3D images, VATECH & E-WOO has improved the MAR system offering superior diagnostics to modern dentistry. Aritifacts arising from metal objects can cause significant problems in the image quality of adjacent structures and prevent accurate diagnosis. VATECH newly developed MAR technology (Metal Artifact Remove Technology) minimizes artifacts providing excellent image quality.

Picasso Trio

Picasso Trio Info

1. Scan-Type Cephalometric
Scan Time: 12.9 sec (Optional Oneshot Cephalometric)
2. Fixed CT Sensor
The fixed CT sensor is protected from damage that might be caused by external shock, and is safe from the risk of mistreatment
3. Headrest
The headrest is movable according to the patient¡¯s head shape. It also minimizes image distortion due to the patient¡¯s movement during imaging.
4. Auto Moving Chinrest
Auto positioning of the chin rest for the imaging part offers more convenience for patients.
5. LCD Touch Screen
By simply touching the 6.4 inch LCD Touch Screen, you can confirm the imaging setting and .find the pictures taken
6. Up/Down Sliding Frame
The height of an equipment is adjusted easily according to the patient¡¯s height.
7. Scan Type Cephalometric
8. Fastest 3D Reconstruction Time
Revolutionary 29 seconds! The most advanced technology for both now, and the future.
9. Cephalometric
The digital cephalometric system with functional head positioners and unique digital image formats, Allows you to make the best choice for your examination protocol.
10. 3D Volume Rendering
The unique reconstruction algorithm shows actual bone structure

For more info about Picasso Trio visit Vatech website at http://www.vatech.co.kr/

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