Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography is the most in-demand techonology that dentists are planning to add in their dental office. In this form of radiography, x-ray sensors are used. The radiographic image is stored in digital form which can be saved in a computer or in a built-in memory. The captured image in digital radiography can be previewed immediately. The quality of image can also be enhanced with the use of a software.

Digital Radiography Set-Up
1. Computer Server acts as main control and main storage.
2. Computer is installed in a operatory and functions as a workstation.
3. X-ray Sensor should have high spatial resolution, contrast and dose efficiency.
4. Monitor is mounted near the operatory to view the radiograph.
5. Printer for hard copy of radiograph.

As an alternative, laptops or netbooks can be utilized. Compared to a complete setup, laptop is more affordable and portable as it can be easily transferred from one operatory to another. Images from sensor is transferred to the laptop via USB port or bluetooth.

Some X-Ray Sensor units have built-in memory and small screen to view the image taken thus eliminating the need for a nearby PC.

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